Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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[Adam Robinson's] mix of classical and mundane references imbues lines like "There would be a pronounced lack/ Of throwing Nerf balls to paralytics/ In the basement" with more meaning than they have any right to have.
- Baltimore City Paper


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Excerpt (poem):

Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Leading Authority on Flotsam

What’s up with bottled water man
Bottled water is an interesting economy
One at $1.29 or a big case for $3.89
Boy howdy what’s the deal with bottled water

What’s the deal with the trash vortex
Who put all that plastic in the ocean
Dude why’d your uncle put all that plastic in the ocean
What’s up with watered bottles man

Oh crap they got Legos in the ocean
Radial tires ten meters deep and toothbrushes
They got kayaks just floating around nowhere
What the heck happened there

When there are unmanned kayaks floating in the ocean
Is it right do you think that we’re thinking about waste
Why aren’t we thinking “uh oh where’s Bob and Marcia”
“Where’s Bob and Marcia since their honeymoon”

Oh holy wow Curtis Ebbesmeyer is so cool
One time 90,000 Nikes fell off a boat actually
34,000 hockey gloves fell off a boat no joke so
Curtis Ebbesmeyer got all the surfers together

He got all the beachcombers and together they tracked the ocean
Whenever a Nike floated past somebody called him up
Curt put it on a map and that’s how he tracked the ocean
They were all tracking ocean currents with mis-shipped Nikes

You see what I’m saying broham
What’s the deal with bottled water
Sometimes as a whole we’re smart
And sometimes as a whole

We’re going to die in four years

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