Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garrett Caples - Surrealism's Bad Rap


1- Four Tune

2- Synth
3- Robocop
4- Turning on the Tongue
5- Ordinary History America
6- Assassin Raising Scalpel
7- "I Have Seen Enough"
8- Light Sleeper
9- Untitled
10- Puna Baedekker
11- The Mermaid's Diaper
12- Bianca
13- Liquid Diary
14- T. Rex
15- Same Mesa Boogie
16- Starry Eyes
17- Godzilla
18- Hugo Ballin'
19- Prufrock Shakur
20- Sometimes
21- Little White Noise
22- Lucid Cloud
23- Wallace Stevens in the 4th Grade
24- Uncle Bud
25- First National Anthem
26- Clothesline Ballet

Born in Lawrence, MA, Garrett Caples is a freelance writer living in Oakland, CA. He is the author of two collections of poetry, The Garrett Caples Reader (NY: Black Square Editions, 1999) and er, um (SF: Meritage Press, 2002). He receieved a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2003. A collection of articles on hip hop, The Philistine's Guide to Hip Hop, with an introduction by Shock-G of Digital Underground, appeared in 2004 from Ninevolt Magazine. He currently writes on Bay Area hip hop for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Anthology appearances include Fetish (NY: 4 Walls 8 Windows, 1998), Isn't It Romantic? (Seattle: Wave Books, 2004), and Bay Poetics (Newton, MA: Faux Press, 2006). Among his current projects, he is editing a lost manuscript of Philip Lamantia's called Tau, along with the poems of John Hoffman, which will be published together in a single volume by City Lights in 2007.

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