Wednesday, February 25, 2009

M. Magnus - Verb Sap

Magus Magnus - Verb Sap
ISBN 10: 0-9793901-1-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-9793901-1-1
Library of Congress Number: 9780979390111

Word to the wise: read this love letter to what language can do foryou. M. Magnus' Verb Sap taps the very blood of language — the textures here get at the many-fingered roots, the "crossweave fabric"of rhizomatic namings that thrust ever outward, always "by way of a word." here, the "Elfic D'oracle" signifies how a "single word canchange your life."
Lee Ann Brown

Reminiscent of 20th Century Russian absurdist poetry, with its wild wordplay and philosophic underpinning, Verb Sap's 13 th hour ruminations, break-of-day transpositions, and in-your-face midday tagging, make it irresistible work-a-day sneak reading. This book has a skewed rational or disorderly relationship to American Daily Life. It is itself a life-form — for the gobbling. Me, I broke it down by way of post-industrial nucleotides. To great effect.
Rodrigo Toscano

Verb Sap is smart, funny and absorbing — makes you want to move around, read it out, a strange kind of aural knowledge. Magnus' writing calls up the familiar, even the absurd, and twists every observation or overheard fragment into a play of sustained revelations.
Thalia Field

Magus Magnus lives and writesin Alexandria, Virginia.

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