Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rod Smith - Fear the Sky


1- Snips (8:03)
3- Identity is the Cause of Warts (2:03)
4- The Spider Poems (9:15)
7- Homage to Homage to Creeley (4:40)
12- A Grammar Manikin (5:50)
13- Ted's Head (1:44)
14- the love that is truly a refuge for all living things
15- Farlow (1:09)
16- All of It’s Gone to Moneyland (w/ Alexandra Smith) (0:23)
17- Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweet Dirt. Susie Asado. (0:45)
18- The Classics (5:12)
24- Clothes Shaver Plus (1:46)
25- Disgusted Optimistic Lyric Language Poem (0:56)
26- Love Poems (6:01)
29- The Strength (0:41)
30- The Narrative Quiescence (3:32)
31- The Good House (16:15)

" just under 71 minutes a full length recording with production values that would make an indie band weep with envy. Smith is the perfect poet for such a project, as he has the most active ear of any writer of his generation & he’s a great – if decidedly deadpan – reader of his own work. Listening to this recording feels like it takes 20 minutes & one is totally engrossed the entire time, as Smith demonstrates a range of affect far wider than I’ve heard from him before..."
Ron Silliman

“the Rod Smith CD really shows how much this medium aurally illuminates the voice, renders a space for the voice, scopes out a multidimensional use of the voice (voice, in every aspect of the term, itself an essential poetic medium)... developing phenomenologically another layer of poetic experience, beyond poetry on the page and poetry during readings, to poetry through the mic intimately, the voice raised to its own power... cool stuff... “
M. Magnus

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